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Migration procedure from ((otrs)) Community to LigeroSmart 6.1

This is a procedure for anyone who wants to migrate from ((otrs)) Community version 6.0.x or from LigeroSmart 6.0.x to LigeroSmart 6.1.x.

Requirements and Observations

  • Perform this procedure in a separate environment. Do not try to update your ((otrs)) Community directly or you may lose your data
  • This migration will not bring extra modules ((otrs)) as well as customizations (Custom folder)
  • ((otrs)) skins in general are not compatible with LigeroSmart, so they will not be imported
  • Any customization you have done in, such as integration with LDAP or AD, will have to be done later in LigeroSmart's
  • Your ((otrs)) Community must be at version 6.0.x. (This procedure does not work with otrs 5.0). If this is your case, upgrade your otrs 5 to version 6 using and then proceed with the migration to LigeroSmart 6.1

Step by step

1 – Make a backup of your ((otrs)) using the script

This task generates a folder in datetime format, such as “2021-05-06_10-10”, containing 3 files inside.

2 – Upload a new LigeroSmart

3 – Put the backup of ((otrs)) in the folder app-backups from LigeroSmart. This folder will be inside the folder. ligerosmart-stack. It will look like this: ligerosmart-stack/app-backups/2021-05-06_10-10/ and, inside this folder, we would have the backup files (Application.tar.gz, Config.tar.gz and DatabaseBackup.sql.gz)

4 – Access the ligerosmart-stack folder and run the command below:

make restore

5 – Select the Backup you want to use to perform the migration:

6 – Then select option 2 to proceed with the migration process:

7 – Confirm on the screen below to proceed with the migration:

IMPORTANT: If your ((otrs)) already has modules such as FAQ, ITSM or Survey, you are likely to see errors during the process, but don't worry! The system is just trying to recreate these tables and this does not affect the final result of the migration.

8 – Redo the integrations with AD/LDAP if necessary in

Installation of ((otrs)) packages in LigeroSmart

Extra modules from your OTRS will have to be reinstalled after the migration to LigeroSmart and there is an important detail about this:
The LigeroSmart Framework version is 6.1, so probably most OTRS modules won't install right away. Do not freak out!

In order to be able to install the ((otrs)) 6.0 packages, you will need to edit the .opm file of each package and adjust the parameter6.0.xfor6.xx

In addition, there are modules that have as a requirement another module that, in LigeroSmart, entered the tool's Core and is no longer a module. In these cases, you will need to remove the requirement from the OPM, to do so, remove the lines that look like this:
<PackageRequired ….alguma coisa….
Remove the entire line and save the file.

Important: OPM files must be edited with some professional code editor, such as notepad++ or Visual Code Studio. If you edit with Notepad, it can be a problem!

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