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docker-compose.yml for Botpress

Below is a docker-compose recipe that we use to easily upload a Botpress:

version: '3.5' services: botpress: image: botpress/server: v12_25_0 volumes: - botpress-data:/botpress/data environment: - BP_CONFIG_HTTPSERVER_HOST= - BP_MODULE_NLU_DUCKLINGURL= - EXTERNAL_URL = http://BOTPRESS_EXTERNAL_ADDRESS:3000/ ports: - 3001:3000 networks: - web - rocketchat healthcheck: disable: true volumes: botpress-data: driver: local networks: web: external: name: web rocketchat: external: name: rocketchat_default

Some remarks about the recipe above:

  1. Adjust the version with the latest TAG. You can check out the current list on this link Right now, due to a change in Botpress version 12.26, LigeroSmart's Rocket.Chat – Botpress integration is more compatible with version 12_25_0. As soon as we update the App with the Rocket.Chat Marketplace, we'll let you know here 🙂
  2. Set the external address of your BOTPRESS (if you want to access it externally)
  3. Reference the network of your standalone docker or Rocket.Chat docker swam, to facilitate Botpress integration with Rocket.Chat via LigeroSmart-Botpress App.
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