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How do I display alerts and notifications to system attendants?

The LigeroSmart administrator can display an alert for all agents connected to the tool:

To configure a new notification for attendants, go to “Administration” -> “System Configuration”.

Navigate to the parameter subgroup “Frontend” -> “Agent” -> “FrontendNotification”:

Activate and edit the Frontend::NotifyModule###9000-Generic option (usually the last on the page):

Here, you need to perform 4 tasks:

1 – Edit the alert text
2 – If you want to give more details about the alert, you can create a public FAQ and link to it. Thus, when clicking on the alert, the user will be redirected to the FAQ
3 – Remove the “File” key. It is an alternative if you want to automate messages displaying what is in the body of the file referenced in this attribute.
4 – Save the option

Now you need to implement the changes. Still in the menu “Administration” -> “System Configuration”, click on “Deployment”, then on “Implement selected changes” and finally on “Deploy now”.

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